Trading company „AFRODYTA” was set up In 2001 and is leading its activity throughout Poland as well as other European countries like Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia.

Main aim of company is to create perfumery shops (rozlewnie perfum) as well as selling high quality products to existing perfumery shops, without needless contracts, injunctions and other aggravations which are the priority conditions of cooperation with our competitors.

Since 2002 we are exclusive importer of perfumery products of the brand “Gardeny”. We are giving possibility to final customers to buy favorite fragrances in quantities needed, starting from few milliliters – customer can choose bottle in capacity needed, to which chosen fragrance is filled.
This can be an inspiration for everyone to open own business – perfumery shop, or to widen the offer of existing shop.

We are looking for individuals and companies interested in starting and running the shop - perfume bottling.

Any information please call or e-mail

+48 500 012 270 

If you already have your own perfumery shop that works, perfumery shop or other activity and you are thinking to open similar activity to ours, please call us at following number: +48 500 012 270 to get professional advice.

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